Rider Info


We have area of beach and surf closed off for the duration of the event. This is to ensure safety for organisers, competitors, and the general public. Approximately 150 – to 200m wide section is closed and stretches from the beach out to the rear of the surf break (approx. 200m). This allocated area allows for the allocation of a pit area for skis and fuel, and also an area for pop-up tents. There will be an access way for public between these areas – this includes vehicle access. We cannot block this access.  Inside the event area you will be required to adhere to any of the rules and regulations that the event is required to run under and enforce. These are detailed below. Outside of the allocated area you must adhere to all local council regulations and maritime laws when when riding.

Please remember that your conduct will directly reflect and impact on any future events.


The format of the event is very simple. All riders are split into groups, or sessions, of smaller numbers – this will be a maximum of 10. Throughout the day each group of riders is allocated a session time of approximately 15mins in the schedule for the day. The first group is sent out for their allocated time slot and, when signalled to finish, the following group goes out and so on and so forth. The schedule will repeat itself 4-5 times per day giving each competitor sufficient riding time to express themselves in the freeride sense. Please don’t worry – whilst 15 mins doesn’t sound like a lot of time, when you’re amping to ride and show off your skill you’ll find that your tired by the end of it.

During Saturdays proceedings there will be specific breaks in the schedule to hold the feature sections of the event. These feature classes are an elective option for competitors to enter and have specific requirements. Examples include “Biggest Air” – somewhat self-explanatory, and “Sickest Trick” – best and most complicated trick. Both Biggest Air and Sickest Trick will be offered for Stand-Up and Blaster separately. There will also be the infamous “Cherry-Popper” – first attempt at a back flip. This year we may run the Cherry Popper as the last event on Friday.

Important Points that you must plan for:

Food / Beverages

There is plenty of grocery shopping in Waiuku. There is a New World supermarket, a couple of Fish’n Chip shops, Subway, and a couple of restaurants (Indian and Thai etc). At this stage we have no confirmed a Food Vendor to be on site. Rogers Boat Shop will be running a BBQ for breakfast (Saturday Only) and lunch on both days which will be free for entrants and helpers. We would suggest that you grab anything else you’d like from the Supermarket or Subway before heading out each day. If we manage to confirm the attendance of a vendor we will let you know asap. For dinner we suggest you head to the Kentish Pub and have a meal there.


There is Z service station in Waiuku that has the standard offering of fuel. We would envisage that a tank of fuel a day will be plenty unless sharing skis etc. There is also a Caltex about 6kms out of Waiuku towards Drury. As per last year we have been hit with a council requirement that you MUST use a supplied fuel/oil absorbent mat when refuelling your ski in the pit area. If you fail to do this, or do not want to use the supplied mat, you will be asked to leave. As part of council sanctioning we must be pro-active about protecting our environment.


As per last year the event itself and the area allocated is an alcohol free zone. Any competitor found consuming alcohol will not be riding for the rest of that day. Flagrant disregard and repeat offenders will be asked to leave. We understand that a little bit of “courage in a can” is helpful to some, but put simply, by drinking at a sanctioned event puts the public liability cover we have in jeopardy. Please also insure that you don’t turn up to the event and expect to ride in an unfit state from partying the previous night. We will stand you down from riding until you have sobered up.

Your Ski and Scrutineering

Please make sure that you have checked over you ski for anything obvious that will cause a safety issue. We will not allow someone to head out into the west coast surf if they are going to put themselves in danger. You must have the following:

  • Front tow loop (small piece of rope looped and tied through the bow eye of your ski)
  • Helmet and Life Vest
  • Cable ties on all fuel lines
  • Securely mounted battery. Std straps etc are fine.
  • Ensure you have checked for broken engine mounts

Timetable & Parking

We plan to start as early as possible on the Friday as we want to ensure everyone gets a fair amount of time on the water. So please ensure that you make an effort to be there on time. Karioitahi is 2WD friendly, but we will also have a couple of 4WDs there to help out.  You will be required to park your car next to the event site in an orderly fashion. You will unload your ski(s) in the designated pit area and then we will advise you where to park your vehicle and trailer in an area to the side for easy access later.

The schedule is as follows:


8:30 – 9:00am – Sign-in & Registration. During this time scrutineering will be performed. 9:15 am – Riders Briefing – COMPULSORY ATTENDANCE. If you fail to attend you cannot ride.
9:30 am – 1st Sessions begin
4:30pm – Last Session starts for the day
4:45pm – Last Session finishes for the day
5:00pm – Everyone off the water


8:00 – 8:30am – Get your gear onto the beach
8:45am – Brief Riders Briefing
9:00am – First sessions begin for the day
1:00-3:00pm – Special Events will run between the scheduled sessions
4:00pm – Pack-up and off the beach

The Kentish Pub will host the after match function to give away some prizes etc after the event. Details to follow for this.