FOF7 Entries Open – 01 December 2018

Get ready to get entered for New Zealand’s premiere Freeride event – the 2019 Yamaha NZ Festival of Freeride is coming!!!

The entry form is going online at here the FoF website – – on the 1st of December. Make sure you get entered and early.

This year you will be required to select your T-Shirt size that you’ll receive with your entry pack. This selection can be made on the online form.

The cutoff dates for entry this year are as follows:

Entry Cut-off – Friday 11th January 2019

Payment Cut-off – Friday 18th January 2019

There are always a couple that claim ignorance to cut-off dates and want to enter late. So, this year and onwards, any late entry will incur a late payment. These are as follows (and in addition to the standard entry fee):

+$20 PRIOR TO 31/01/19
+$100 ON THE DAY

Please note – the entry fee is completely refundable if you don’t make it to the event for whatever reason. So you’re best to enter, pay, and then get a prompt refund if you don’t make it.

FOF6 – Thanks

It has been 2 weeks since the 6th Annual Yamaha NZ Festival of Freeride and we’re still in recovery mode. What a ripper!! Once again the FoF was a massive success and was enjoyed by all. Karioitahi Beach turned it on for all participants with some pumping conditions.
As with every year the event simply wouldn’t happen without our great sponsors. Firstly, thank you to the team at Yamaha Marine NZ. Since the inaugural event Yamaha has stepped up every year as title sponsors. The event wouldn’t be what it is without them. So a huge thank you again to Yamaha Marine NZ.

The support from our amazing major sponsors Otago Personal Watercraft, Colliers International – South Island, Krash Industries, Quake City Freeride, and R&B Builders – awesome guys. We really really appreciate it.
Once again the team from Rogers Boat Shop delivered a great spread for those entered. We’ve always said this is a key ingredient to the success of the event and they didn’t disappoint. Cheers Rogers Boatshop!!!

A massive amount of thanks goes to Leif from Jet Sport West for providing our marshalling services all weekend long. As aways an absolute pleasure to have Leif involved and his ability on the water in the surf is second to none. Thanks also to the team at Medical & Safety Consulting for being there as well.

To the generous support of ilabb, KP Parts, Random Performance, Gull New Zealand, JetManiac, JetPilot, Element Engineering, CRC Industries NZ, NZfreeride, ProRider Magazine, and Glenbrook Performance – Thank you so very much. All of these sponsors got behind the event with some fantastic product and swag to choose from at the prize giving. A special thanks to Red Bull for their support of the event ensuring everyone had wings to go big.
We preach the standard line again – “Support those that support the sport!!!”. There are so many events on these days and for the these sponsors to choose to support and for us to be chosen is very humbling.

To everyone that entered the 6th Annual Yamaha NZ Festival of Freeride – thank you so very much for entering and supporting the only free ride event in New Zealand. It’s fantastic the atmosphere we have at the event and you’re all a key ingredient to its success.
To all the others that have contributed to the event this year thank you so much. From those that helped out with timing and monitoring to ensuring things kept running smoothly – you know who you are. Thank you to everyone that chipped in with setting up, running, and packing down the event. Awesome stuff and was very much appreciated. I hope I haven’t forgotten anyone but if so I apologise.

Check out the edit which captured the essence of this year’s event. Thanks to Exposure Film and Photography for the vid.

Jimmy Blackwood in attendance


Yew… the FoF is coming and so is Jimmy Blackwood!!

We’re stoked to announce the attendance of Jimmy at the 2018 Yamaha NZ Festival of Freeride. He’s been ripping up the surf for the last few years aboard his Krash Predator. Known for some of the cleanest rolls in the game he’s gonna be putting it all on show at the FoF. Cheers to the QCFreeride boys for making it happen.

Welcome Jimmy. Yeow!!

Little Tommy is coming to visit


More scintillating news for the 2018 Yamaha NZ Festival of Freeride. We’re stoked to announce the attendance of Tom Aiken from Sydney, Australia!!

Tom is known for his incredibly smooth and effortless technique out on the water, often perplexing those watching with his innate ability to ride away from anything. He’s dead keen to get stuck into the festival nature of the FoF and no doubt his quick wit will see him right.

Looking forward to introducing him to the black sands and pumping surf of Karioitahi Beach. Yeow!!

Savage in da house


It’s Australia Day today… A day in which the near entirety of Australia gets amongst it and celebrates their national holiday. So its a perfect time to announce the attendance of none other than Ryan Savage for the 2018 Yamaha NZ Festival of Freeride. Yeow!!!

Ryan is absolutely killing it at the moment, raising the bar on and off the water. His fluent and spectacular riding style aboard his Krash Industries steed will be an absolute eye-opener at the FoF. He’ll be there to offer advice for any skill level so make sure you have a chat. We might even get clinic on his signature Ruler Flip if you’re keen.

Looking forward to having him back in the mighty west coast surf.

The Aus Godfather


Its with great pleasure that we welcome Butch Pfrengle, the Godfather of Australian Freeride to this year’s event. Butch has been instrumental in the promotion of freeride in Australasia running things like the OzFreeride forum, FB pages and, most notably, the organiser and driving force behind the ever successful Cronulla Rip’N Ride . Late last year saw the running of the 10th annual event – an absolute testament to his hard work and dedication.

Butch knows how to throw down on the water as well. By far his signature no-handed barrel roll is one of the best in the business so if you want to learn how its done then he’s the man to talk to at the FoF.

Welcome Butch and lets ride!!!