FOF7 Entries Open – 01 December 2018

Get ready to get entered for New Zealand’s premiere Freeride event – the 2019 Yamaha NZ Festival of Freeride is coming!!!

The entry form is going online at here the FoF website – – on the 1st of December. Make sure you get entered and early.

This year you will be required to select your T-Shirt size that you’ll receive with your entry pack. This selection can be made on the online form.

The cutoff dates for entry this year are as follows:

Entry Cut-off – Friday 11th January 2019

Payment Cut-off – Friday 18th January 2019

There are always a couple that claim ignorance to cut-off dates and want to enter late. So, this year and onwards, any late entry will incur a late payment. These are as follows (and in addition to the standard entry fee):

+$20 PRIOR TO 31/01/19
+$100 ON THE DAY

Please note – the entry fee is completely refundable if you don’t make it to the event for whatever reason. So you’re best to enter, pay, and then get a prompt refund if you don’t make it.