2020 Accomodation


It has been brought to our attention that our mates at NZ Steel have organised a “shut” at the Glenbrook plant for a period of time (3 weeks+) in Feb 2020 to service a couple of the melters. This shut falls right through the dates for the FOF. If only they’d checked with us first… 

This shut has meant that all the accomodation options in Waiuku that participants usually rely on are booked out already (Waiuku Motel, Waiuku Lodge Motel etc). Apparently the camp ground isn’t taking reservations till November.

Rather than everyone be spread out over Auckland with their accommodation we thought best to herd you in the right direction and be flexible with any event functions.

Our recommendation is to book your accommodation in Pukekohe for the 2020 event. There are multiple motels there, more food options, larger nightlife, etc etc. The downside being Pukekohe is larger (so its not so “close-knit”) and its longer to travel to the event. Pukekohe is 26mins from the event site (18mins to Waiuku from Puke). 

Here are some Motel options (in no particular order). There may be other options as well.

Aveda Motor Lodge

Parkview Motor Inn

Touchwood Motel

Pukekohe Motel

Please ensure you do your own due diligence on these options – incl. location, price, security for skis, etc etc. There are also options like AirBNB to look at as well which will no doubt have more to offer in Pukekohe.

Please Like/Follow the FB Event 2020 Yamaha NZ Festival of Freerideand post up where you’re booked so that others can follow your lead. 

For the event – we will most likely look to move the Prize Giving function to Pukekohe this year to make it easier for everyone staying there.