Thanks for #fof9

It was only a week ago that we were all heading off from another fantastic Yamaha NZ Festival of Freeride event. And things certainly escalated quickly with the government putting the Auckland region into lockdown the night after the event. The realisation that it all could have been very different if those covid cases were picked up a day or two earlier. #bulletdodged

Once again the support and commitment to the event as once again outstanding. 60 riders from around NZ all there to stunt – we sent it at the 9th annual Yamaha NZ Festival of Freeride.The success of the event is always a direct result of the commitment our fantastic sponsors make. To Yamaha Marine New Zealand for once again stepping up as title sponsors of the FOF – always a pleasure to have your unwavering support. Couldn’t do it without out you.

Our associate sponsors, as always, gave considerable support to the event. Otago Personal Watercraft, Colliers International – South Island Commercial, Gull New Zealand, Rynex Roofing, and Blue Loos – outstanding!! Thank you all.

I write this every year as there is no other way to put it – A key ingredient to the event is the support of the team at Rogers Boatshop. Once again they delivered and made it all very special with their delicious spread to keep everyone going at the event. Cheers RBS!!

The amazingly generous support from our sponsors with prizes, merchandise, and key components for the event was awesome. KP Parts, CRC Industries NZ, ilabb, JetManiac, Jetpilot NZ, Tayne Lemon Racing, Pro Rider Watercraft Magazine, and Glenbrook Performance – Thank you so very much. A massive thank also goes out to Red Bull for their support and ensuring everyone had the energy to go big.

A huge thank you to Leif and the team from Marine Safety Services for providing our marshalling services all weekend long. They’re simply the best on the water and an absolute pleasure to have involved with the event. Thanks also to the team at EMT for being there as well.

“Support those that support the sport!!!”. There are so many events on these days and for the these sponsors to choose to support us is very humbling.To everyone that participated in the 2021 Yamaha NZ Festival of Freeride – thank you so very much for committing, attending and supporting the only free ride event in New Zealand. Especially given this pandemic ridden world we live in currently. It’s a special atmosphere we have at the event, like no other, and you’re all a key ingredient to this.

To all the others that have contributed to the event this year thank you so much. From those that helped out with the lead up, sponsor liaison, collection and supply gear, with timing and monitoring to ensuring things kept running smoothly – you know who you are.

A very special thanks to Ryan Bailey #themidget for his assistance throughout the weekend – love your work. Thank you to everyone that chipped in with setting up, running, and packing down the event. Awesome effort and was it always is very much appreciated.

Soon we will release the epic highlights reel of this years Yamaha NZ Festival of Freeride. So look out!!. In the mean time check out the Class of 2021!!

Thanks to all our supporting sponsors!!!

Thanks to our great mates at JetManiac all the way from Florida for their continued support of the Yamaha NZ Festival of Freeride.There is literally nothing JetManaic can’t source for your freeride machine. And with cost effective shipping JetManiac is a great choice for parts and accessories for your next build. Cheers JM!!

NZs own dedicated parts and accessories brand KP Parts is supporting the 9th Annual Yamaha NZ Festival of Freeride!!KP Parts prides itself with quality design and engineered product from right here in NZ. With an ever growing selection of parts and accesories for your pride and joy KP Parts is a great choice for your next build or purchase. Cheers KP!!

Awesome to have the support once again from CRC Industries NZ for the Yamaha NZ Festival of Freeride. CRC have some great products to keep your pride and joy in top form. From cleaners & degreasers through to corrosion protection they’ve got it all covered. Cheers CRC!!

Yeow!! Cheers to the rad team at ilabb for their support of the Yamaha NZ Festival of Freeride. ilabb is one of NZs leading sports active lifestyle clothing brands. ilabb is all about inspiration and collab in building their ilabb family. Something you feel when donning that destinctive capsize logo. Cheers ilabb.

Thanks to the team at Tayne Lemon Racing for once again supporting the Yamaha NZ Festival of Freeride. Lemon Racing have been behind the awards in recent years and it goes without saying that we’ll no doubt have some awesome looking awards to give away again this year. Appreciate the support!!

Awesome to have the support once again from Jetpilot NZ. Jetpilot is synonymous with all facets of personal watercraft riding. Since 1986 JetPilot have been creating the most technically advanced wetsuits, vests and apparel. Cheers JetPilot!!

Fantastic to have the team from Marine Safety Services back again at the Yamaha NZ Festival of Freeride. Leif and co will be back out on the water throughout the event ensuring your safety whilst stunting. Cheers MSS!!

Thanks to the team at Glenbrook Performance for their support of the 9th annual Yamaha NZ Festival of Freeride.

Thanks to our mates at Pro Rider Watercraft Magazine for their continued support of the Yamaha NZ Festival of Freeride. They’re on board again for the 9th annual event so look out for some great post event coverage. Cheers Pro Rider.

No.1 for 1’s and 2’s

Our mates at BlueLoos are back again this year supporting the Yamaha NZ Festival of Freeride. If you haven’t heard their catchy advert your missing out. Essentially… “they’re No.1 for 1’s and 2’s”. So rest assured… comfort guaranteed at the event.Cheers BlueLoos!!!

Rogers Boat Shop… back again!!!

We are now under a week till FOF9 kicks off. And that means that we will once again be treated to the delectable spread that the team at Rogers Boatshop put on for the participants over the weekend.Its fantastic to annouce that Nigel and Reece will be on site supporting the Yamaha NZ Festival of Freeride once again with their culinary skills. What they provide everyone can only be described as a conerstone of the event.Fantastic to have the support of RBS once again!!

Rynex Roofing… legends

Returning to support the 9th annual Yamaha NZ Festival of Freeride is the team from Rynex Roofing. The team at Rynex Roofing are specialists in long run roofing for both commercial and residential. They have the experience to tackle any job big or small. Don’t hesitate to contact Chris when it comes to your roofing needs. They cover in and around the Bay of Plenty area.Cheers Rynex Roofing!!

Fuel your Mission #fof9

Our good friends at Gull New Zealand are back on board supporting the Yamaha NZ Festival of Freeride. Fantastic to have the support of NZ leading independent fuel retailer. With new sites popping up around the South Island, and already great coverage over the North Island, Gull are the best choice for fuelling any of your missions. Cheers @gullnz